Saturday, September 14, 2013


The community shaped by religious belief shouldn't need the apostle Paul to remind us, that those with a surplus, their surplus is always for someone else's need. Nor does the community shaped by more secular thinking need the atheist man I mentioned a few days ago to remind those with a surplus that their surplus is always to help meet the needs of others in need.

Human nature tells us that. But we stopped listening. Instead we listen to fear and greed and those dehumanizing voices that are always spinning a different story and the voices in our heads that are so creative when it comes to justifying the stories that continue to deny human decency and living justly with others by living justly within ourselves.

This bird had come upon a huge cash out. But there was something this bird did not do. He/she did not begin building a silo to store up for some future time. No, it just took what it needed at the time.

Now I know many will say in the world of humans this is just not wise.

Well, here is what I say.......Look around and tell me what kind of world you see that humans have created having removed themselves from the natural rhythm of the created world?

And even saying that, the fact humans have removed themselves from that and attempt to do life in an unnatural way......we don't just upset the rhythm among humans....wehave upset the rhythm of the whole beautiful gig.

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