Thursday, October 31, 2013


Cause rain and leaves
and snow and tears
and stars, that's not all my friends,
they all fall with confidence and grace.
So let it fall.....let it fall.
 ~ Over The Rhine

Monday, October 28, 2013


As the light was waking up the landscape around me, these words written by John O'Donohue came to mind. 

"May your fragile harvesting of this slow light help you release whatever has become false in you."

We need to give ourselves time. And that doesn't mean sitting on our hands. And it surely doesn't mean to continue just going along doing the things you have always done in the same way.

 Our culture really has done a full frontal aggressive assault on time. And we have been complicit in it. And rest assured, the powers that led you there surely are not going to come and lead you back to a place where you can recover time and recover your life by recovering the other things that have been thieved from you. No, this recovery is going to require some counter-culture activity up in the region of your head. And this is where the counter-cultural act of slow harvesting comes in too. To slow down. To give ourselves time. To create some quiet space, externally, but even more important, internally.

 The nature of power is that it will never choose to limit itself. So forget about the external forces that come at us with what seems to be unrelenting ferocity, ever calling off their assault. The only thing that will overturn power is when power runs up against something that is more powerful.

 Silence, stillness, solitude, rest, and mindful presence are those subversive powers. They cut off the dis-ease that has come upon us through all the ridiculous voices and expose them for being exactly what they are.

 If you can find the courage to face it, and learn to slip into this transition......your soul will give you a huge hug and thank you.

Saturday, October 26, 2013

Wednesday, October 23, 2013


I pretend that it is a quiet, secluded outcropping on the side of the mountain in my own personal little rain forest.

These places in my life leave other things, things that seem impossible and unwise when looked at through the conventional wisdom of this culture, to where they actually begin to seem not only possible.....but so beautiful to where they become so worth the risk of thinking differently and acting differently. An entirely different way of being in the world.

Tuesday, October 22, 2013


I try to draw attention to it with everything I now do. A friend called me today, they had had a moment of clarity today in regards to the several adventures I have going on, and had to call me. She really nailed it.

 Our lives have become so fragmented and we suffer due to it. Many don't even know it. They assume they are doing okay. They look around them and play the comparison game. But the reality is still this......we've fallen out of our primal rhythm. And we'll never fit anywhere ease. The substitute rhythms just don't fit the rhythm of our soul. And after awhile, they alway win out over the soul's invitation to come home. At least for awhile.

 My friend has been brainstorming for awhile with regard to bringing all these adventures under one umbrella. I planted that seed of thought in her head awhile back ;-) just to get her thinking. Today she said something on these lines, "What you are doing is all about the well being of the whole individual in everyone you encounter. And all the things you are doing really do work together. You need to come up with something like a mission statement."

 I immediately sent her this. She apparently hasn't been on my website :-)

 There is a natural rhythm that pulsates through life. A rhythm Modern Culture has fallen out of touch with. If you slow down, listen, and watch, you will begin to pick up its presence everywhere in the natural world. When we fall out of touch with this nurturing rhythm, the depth of healing that can be found in the beauty and peace of this magnificent place, this garden, is missed in the rush. My hope is to offer here some things that might assist us in understanding a little better the importance of staying in touch with the ways of the garden.
~ Kent Burgess

 Most people's lives have become an exercise of fragmentation. This is not natural. It's not healthy. And none of this actually should be a surprise. How could it not end up this way once we became distracted from the enormity of this grand adventure we are caught up in, still, even while our minds have been highjacked and a deep amnesia has set in with regard to who we are, why we are here, what really brings meaning to this life, and where our place is in it all?

 The only thing left to do is admit it. And begin the journey home.

Here is a link to a beautiful video.


Thursday, October 10, 2013


24 x 36 metal print

20 x 30 metal print

24 x 24 metal print

20 x 30 metal print

24 x 36 metal print

20 x 30 metal print

All others framed and matted 11 x 14

Framed and matted 16 x 20

Framed and matted 11 x 14

Monday, October 07, 2013


He became one of the most important voices for me to keep in touch with what he has already said in the books he has written, and to stay in touch with what he still has to say.

This is from the interview linked to below.

"To make a living is not to make a killing-it means to have enough." ~ Wendell Berry

It is the decency, sense of living justly with others, and common sense of this man that drew me to him a decade ago and kept me continuously leaning in towards him to listen and be challenged as well as encouraged.

  Wendell Berry and his hopes for humanity