Friday, November 29, 2013


It takes a lot of courage....and trust...sometimes even in the reality you are having to abandon your views of.

Disabuse: to free from error, fallacy, or misconception

Too often, the religious narratives that get built upon over time around experiences human individuals and communities have with Divine Presence, end up being like a deep falsifying fog that shrouds the truth from us and serves as a wall keeping us out instead of a bridge that assists us in crossing over into new life. All we end up seeing are distortions of something that is far more beautiful then we are allowed to believe...imagine.

When fear enters (and fear is like a deep fog) and when freedom to explore is sealed off from us by the fear that religion usually promotes as a way of controlling people.....even if the people using it think they are doing it as a way of helping others, the result is the same. People get stuck in these famished fields that are so void of any real encounter, any real experience.

So then, the religious gig just ends up being a set of beliefs people aspire to reach some day, as well as a set of beliefs they cling to tenaciously, even when the beliefs aren't translating into reality.

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