Tuesday, December 24, 2013


Fear keeps us playing it too safe. It's a space that will never teach you to fly. It leaves you instead, just accepting and settling into the misery, the familiar.

There are no guarantees in a life of freedom and love. Just a lot of adventure and discovery and possibility. It's certainly not safe. Dangers do exist here. That's life. But at least it's full of potential. And at least it's looking forward towards something better, and leaves us personally willing to pay the price for it. For ourselves as well as for others. And often times, actually most often, that something better remains formless, unshapen, or at least unseen......until we have the courage to just jump.

This thing that passes as life, where we hold back, hanging on tightly to what we have at the moment, thinking it provides us security, is just a way of being that just keeps us missing the point. And it keeps robbing us as well as robbing those around us.

Freedom and beauty and love call us back to the wild elegance we were created for. A wild elegance that just doesn't exist within the confines of the life dulling domestication of playing it "safe", which really isn't safe at all.

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