Saturday, August 31, 2013


A friend sent this link to me this morning who thought I would enjoy reading it. I did.

This is pretty much what I am saying in everything I now do. It just came to feel that important. I came to understand that I personally needed EVERYTHING to be reframed for me. The season I walked through in order for that to happen really did feel like my mind was being ran through a meat grinder. I came through that time of darkness and turbulence and lifted my head up to look around and EVERYTHING looked different.

Recapturing Our Headspace and Myth

Friday, August 30, 2013


You must learn one thing. 
The world was made to be free in. 

Give up all the other worlds 
except the one to which you belong. 
 ~ David Whyte ~

 People so often look at contentment as a settling for something less. All I have to say is....

"Oh really????!!!!!"

Wednesday, August 21, 2013


When as individuals we suffer from a glaring poverty of imagination, it doesn't just negatively effect the individual. Everyone ends up missing out. There exists so much potential in regards to seeing beautiful change materialize. But our imagination has to be cut loose from the web of conventional wisdom that imprisons the mind. If we can do that, there would be no end the to beauty that would be created that would leave the heart and soul and eye dazzled.

 I really believe that.

But an imagination set free often looks like foolishness.

Tuesday, August 20, 2013


Everything just looks different, and sounds different, and feels different, from here. And as I was sitting here pondering that observation I had just written down, trying to express what all of this life's experience now feels like, David Whyte made a post. He describes here much of the feeling I was struggling to find words for. It's been several years now this feeling out of place like a stranger in a strange land, yet having found what feels like home right here in the midst of it, has been hanging around. The things that use to draw me into participation just don't anymore. There just exists others things to participate in.


 is underestimated in this time of action and engagement. So much of what we are involved with, in even the highest cause, becomes involvement at the busy periphery, where the central conversation has been lost to the outer elaborations of what was to begin with, a very simple invitation. Withdrawal is often not what it looks like - a disappearance - no, to withdraw from entanglement can be to begin the process of renewing the primary, essential invitation again. Though life does seem determined to be a beautiful, constant and often entrancing distraction - just as we ourselves are a distraction to others, testing them as we test ourselves and our mutual sincerity - our participation in this dance of distraction also makes more real, and more necessary, our ability to return to essential ground, to an essential person or an essential work.

 We stick to the wrong thing quite often, not because it will come to fruition by further effort, but because we cannot remove our sticky hands or our feet or our minds from the way we have decided to tell the story and we become further enmeshed even by trying to make sense of what entraps us, when what is needed is a simple, clean breaking away. To remove our selves entirely and absolutely, abruptly and at times uncompromisingly is often the real and radically courageous break for freedom. Unsticking ourselves from the mythical Tar Baby, seemingly set up, just for us, right in the middle of our path, we start the process of losing our false enemies, and even our false friends, and most especially the false sense of self we have manufactured to live with them: we make ourselves available for the simple purification of seeing our selves and our world more elementally and therefore more clearly again. We withdraw not to disappear, but to find another ground from which to see; a solid ground from which to step, and from which to speak again, in a different voice, a clear, rested, embodied tonality we can call our own."

~ Excerpt from WITHDRAWAL taken from the upcoming reader's circle essay series. ©2013 David Whyte.

Sunday, August 18, 2013


A video I put together of some scenes from this growing season's healing beauty.

Monday, August 05, 2013


Sometimes you hear simple little pronouncements that stick with you....and haunt you. It's not a bad haunting, but actually a helpful one. Just a reminder to stay awake.

We are surrounded by an astounding abundance of everything we need. And yet too often, reality speaks to this reality....people live as if they are paupers. Rich and poor alike. So much of human activity in modern times is an exercise in dis-ease. Most of what passes as wisdom is nothing more than strategies born out of and built on fears. We just don't really trust that a feast has already been spread out before us.

Thursday, August 01, 2013


The photos are 4 of the 18 photos that make up the first ever The Ways Of The Garden Exhibit.

We just don't know what we think we know...or how things are going to go. I never saw it coming and never had a plan for it once it began to surface. The exercise of taking a camera and photographing my garden and all the beauty around me came out of a season of darkness and pain. All the ground under me I thought was stable and certain, began to shake, and then completely disappeared. It set in motion changes that were never on the radar screen. And as exciting as today's opening of my first photo exhibit is, it's not what I cherish most about all of this. Not even close. What I cherish most is the inner peace and rest that moved in during that season of turbulence and has remained. I guess the photography is just an outworking of that. I do believe though that it also serves as a presence that helps keep the peace and rest an abiding presence too. Everyday it plays a significant role in the ongoing healing I am still in need of. Everyday, in some way, it saves me. And surprises me.

And my hope is that it also helps others who are still being jerked around by their own turbulence to know and understand this:

"Even if at this time you are enduring through a time of bleakness...bleakness is never as bleak as it seems on the surface. At the heart of the stripped down, a rested cold stillness of winter, there is huge movement secretly at work." ~~~John O'Donohue

You will be surprised how and when it arrives. And too often it turns out to be ourselves who delay it's arrival. We have too many expectation in regards to what and when and how. It's vital to let them go. 

“For things to reveal themselves to us, we need to be ready to abandon our views about them.”
~ Thich Nhat Hanh