Sunday, January 26, 2014


Yeah, they are so majestic. But guess what? So are we dammit. But we let so much crap into the head that just doesn't fit us. And then we are left acting in ways that aren't consistent with being human, being loving or being compassionate. And then we get stuck in these ways of being that never rise to the majestic heights that the human spirit, soul, and experience are meant to rise to. But if we never critic ourselves, (and I don't mean condemn) if we never look into the long mirror reflecting back to ourselves who we have become, we never suspect that we too have settled for a life that is too small. 

If each of us were take that look at ourselves and then do some facing of reality in regard to ourselves, and then do the inner world work we are desperately in need of doing, and drop off all the conventional wisdom that just drags us to the ground and robs us of the majestic possibilities that sleep within us, and allow our lives to come into rhythm with our true selves, as John O'Donohue says......"Our clay shape would gradually learn to walk beautifully on this magnificent earth."

Monday, January 20, 2014


Please don't misunderstand me. I'm not offering nature as an escape. No, what I am suggesting is much more radical than that.

The attempt to escape is not healthy. I'm suggesting a radical reorientation in regards to home, our reality, the place from which the rest of our life flows.

Domestication created its own orientation. It was actually a reorientation away from the primal place that was to be our home. Well, at least our home for the short unrepeatable period that is the human life here on planet earth. It left us assuming...and then certain that the interpreted world that was created from this reorientation was just the way it was suppose to be. I mean come on, isn't it nice that we have indoor plumbing, warm water at the ready, nice comfortable homes? Sure it is. I'm not suggesting giving those things up. But if we can't see that this reorientation away from the beauty of the artistically created natural world, which humans are a part of, belong in, has so many negatives to it as well.....we will completely fall out of touch with what being human is meant to be. And we will completely forget what is most important and yet spin a story that convinces our false selves that we know what is most important.

We can't escape the realm of necessity. But the realm of necessity is not your home, nor is it suppose to be the point from which your life is defined and flows. And if you try to make it will suffer and lose the most important part of yourself. The reality is, that loss has already happened to most of us.

So no, I'm not suggesting an escape. I'm suggesting a radical necessary reorientation.

Where are you living from? What defines life to you on this day? All that is offered to you by the interpreted world?  

Saturday, January 18, 2014

MANY STREAMS OF THOUGHT........Mine and your way of seeing things are not the only ones that exist

The whole of the relating experience, when it comes to what we all think, what we all believe, the stories we tell ourselves in an attempt to make sense of the world, has become strange to me.

There has to be a way that exists that is a more sound way of connecting, of knowing each other, of allowing each other the freedom to be who they are.

Monday, January 13, 2014


This is my story too. And I am grateful for it.

Taken from the beautiful book Planthropology by Ken Druse

"I was fortunate enough to grow up in a time when children still wandered outdoors; when turning over a rock to see what lived beneath it was not done with fear but out of curiosity. Hundreds of years ago, it was curiosity and quest for undiscovered riches that lead explorers to comb the Earth in search of new plants that might promise cures for diseases, an end to hunger, or unfathomable beauty---a pursuit modern plant hunters still undertake. I learned as a child, and know today, that the most remarkable discoveries can be made everywhere and every day---just beyond the gate that leads to the garden."

Wednesday, January 01, 2014


The quiet. It's so unsettling. So much so, few ever really experience it. I mean really, how long can you go without reaching for the TV remote, browsing the internet, reaching for a book, writing a blog, or updating your Facebook status?

 And then, even if you could manage to put down all other things and just experience a moment of non-doing, would that even be quiet? Actually, if you can manage to do all of that, it is now when you will be faced with the most daunting reality that keeps the quiet from you......the frenetic activity of your mind. Can you quiet your mind? Can you sit for any period of time and keep your mind there, in the quiet, keep it from running off in hundreds of different directions, bouncing around in your skull like a ping pong ball?

 Have you ever even tried? Have you ever even thought that it might be important? Important enough to try? Or are you so convinced that your personal activities that make up your life, are just too important to you? They are just too important.