Sunday, January 26, 2014


Yeah, they are so majestic. But guess what? So are we dammit. But we let so much crap into the head that just doesn't fit us. And then we are left acting in ways that aren't consistent with being human, being loving or being compassionate. And then we get stuck in these ways of being that never rise to the majestic heights that the human spirit, soul, and experience are meant to rise to. But if we never critic ourselves, (and I don't mean condemn) if we never look into the long mirror reflecting back to ourselves who we have become, we never suspect that we too have settled for a life that is too small. 

If each of us were take that look at ourselves and then do some facing of reality in regard to ourselves, and then do the inner world work we are desperately in need of doing, and drop off all the conventional wisdom that just drags us to the ground and robs us of the majestic possibilities that sleep within us, and allow our lives to come into rhythm with our true selves, as John O'Donohue says......"Our clay shape would gradually learn to walk beautifully on this magnificent earth."

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