Monday, January 20, 2014


Please don't misunderstand me. I'm not offering nature as an escape. No, what I am suggesting is much more radical than that.

The attempt to escape is not healthy. I'm suggesting a radical reorientation in regards to home, our reality, the place from which the rest of our life flows.

Domestication created its own orientation. It was actually a reorientation away from the primal place that was to be our home. Well, at least our home for the short unrepeatable period that is the human life here on planet earth. It left us assuming...and then certain that the interpreted world that was created from this reorientation was just the way it was suppose to be. I mean come on, isn't it nice that we have indoor plumbing, warm water at the ready, nice comfortable homes? Sure it is. I'm not suggesting giving those things up. But if we can't see that this reorientation away from the beauty of the artistically created natural world, which humans are a part of, belong in, has so many negatives to it as well.....we will completely fall out of touch with what being human is meant to be. And we will completely forget what is most important and yet spin a story that convinces our false selves that we know what is most important.

We can't escape the realm of necessity. But the realm of necessity is not your home, nor is it suppose to be the point from which your life is defined and flows. And if you try to make it will suffer and lose the most important part of yourself. The reality is, that loss has already happened to most of us.

So no, I'm not suggesting an escape. I'm suggesting a radical necessary reorientation.

Where are you living from? What defines life to you on this day? All that is offered to you by the interpreted world?  

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