Wednesday, January 01, 2014


The quiet. It's so unsettling. So much so, few ever really experience it. I mean really, how long can you go without reaching for the TV remote, browsing the internet, reaching for a book, writing a blog, or updating your Facebook status?

 And then, even if you could manage to put down all other things and just experience a moment of non-doing, would that even be quiet? Actually, if you can manage to do all of that, it is now when you will be faced with the most daunting reality that keeps the quiet from you......the frenetic activity of your mind. Can you quiet your mind? Can you sit for any period of time and keep your mind there, in the quiet, keep it from running off in hundreds of different directions, bouncing around in your skull like a ping pong ball?

 Have you ever even tried? Have you ever even thought that it might be important? Important enough to try? Or are you so convinced that your personal activities that make up your life, are just too important to you? They are just too important.

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