Saturday, March 29, 2014


To all those who have suggested I watch the documentary I AM, I finally did. And it was obvious why you assumed I would enjoy it in light of much of what I post on here. It takes me awhile to get around to taking the time for a film of any kind. I just don't watch TV or movies anymore.

I related to much of the film. But the moment when Tom is talking to his dad especially resonated with me. His dad seemed to be so captured by caring for others...."loving neighbor" and yet had settled into the idea that to see it happen on a wider scale just wasn't going to happen. Believe me, I get that. I used to feel the same. But I don't anymore. And I refuse to allow that "settling" to ever shut down my imagination ever again. We humans are capable of this. But we have got to stop settling. I have people tell me at times that I have gone too far with grace and too far in believing that the human experience can change for the better. And I am really tired of hearing the term Utopia brought up in conversations and dismissed as if it is a bad idea. That mentality is used too often by people to just continue on living in a way that is so below true human nature. There is nothing wrong with human nature. What gets accepted too easily as human nature isn't human's dehumanized-nature.

We've for too long just accepted too low of a flight pattern. We've accepted the lie that we just can't love and care for each other in the way we are created to love and care for each other, and are called to do....even enemy. We've also too easily settled into self-serving narratives. Well, I personally have made a call on all of this....BULLSHIT. My heart, my soul, my imagination tells me something different. And I am going with that, and by the grace of God will stick with that, whether I ever see it play out in reality on a larger scale or not.

Are you open to allowing a shift to hit the fan? A shift that might just change you and change your experience in this world that has forgotten what it means to be human?

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