Thursday, March 27, 2014


It so doesn't have to be this way.....but it is. Everyone of us need to look in the long hard mirror in order to see who and what we have become.

This experience, this journey through this life, is at its best when it is working as a collaborative democracy. You see this throughout all the rest of Creation. But we see it much much less in the interpreted world humans have created and try to live in.

It's just sad to me that when we most see it happen among humans is during disasters....once extreme hardship hits. What might it be like if we humans didn't just continually, on a daily bases, go about being all caught up in thinking and acting mostly in ways that are about protecting our own personal interests? What if we really saw the interest of the neighbor as important as our own? And I am not solely referring to the people who live next door.....I mean the wider community.

The interpreted world that has shaped us is so messed up. And it has left us messed up.

It's left us flying too low....hindered by and stuck in a devastating poverty of imagination.

There is a different way to fly.

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