Friday, March 07, 2014

UNSHAPEN, until.......

Can you see how free, unshapen, and beautiful it is? Each day, actually each moment of my life, your life, arrives this way. Much of the shape our days take is determined be each of us, and also by the others around us. We give form to these unshaped moments as they arrive, by the way we think...the way we see/what we see....and by our desires. It's a good practice to at least spend some time assessing what it is we actually are desiring and how that forms not only the moments coming towards us, but also how it forms our thought world.

 Often times, maybe always, the walk into a life of freedom is a walk of subtraction, not addition. Our misshapen desires, our ego, our fears, and our shame has led us to pick up stuff, all kinds of stuff, head stuff and more, we now are in need of dropping off. What's astounding about this walk into freedom....into joy, is how we begin to realize that we already have all we need. So much of that nagging feeling of angst and weariness and discontent that's telling us we don't, is actually a creation of all the baggage we are dragging behind us that doesn't belong. Some of that baggage is easier to get rid of than others parts of it is. I too find myself having to drag some baggage behind me that doesn't belong. I would love to experience this new space without it. Maybe someday I will. And maybe I won't. There are no guarantees. But I do know this, the freedom I am living in makes the weight of reality much easier to accept, as well as handle.

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