Thursday, May 22, 2014


Gardening is a form of resistance in the age of the instant. There is no "instant" reward here other than the reward that comes from good ole hard work and anticipation of what your work and dedication will mature into.

 But don't be discouraged if you are just beginning a garden. A young garden in its beginning stages can provide some satisfaction to the eye also. But it really can't compare to the reward that comes from a garden after some years of maturing. There really is a reward for patience....and caring for/tending to things that feed the soul and can still the mind and fill it with beauty.

 I do believe it was Pascal who said that we should always endeavor to keep something beautiful in the mind. There is much wisdom in that statement. If beauty can help us to endure during times of bleakness and challenge, why wouldn't we put activities that cultivate beauty at the top of the "to do" list?

 It's time to put the devastating myths of the age of the instant to the side....and get about the business of finding a way of being that can really nourish us and sustain us and can teach us how to live well inwardly and outwardly....taking our ourselves time.

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