Monday, June 09, 2014


Being so afraid of missing out, missing something, we extend ourselves out beyond the natural healthy rhythm into a frenetic and fractured experience. Once that experience then begins to register as normal we are then stuck in a space where we lose the essence of who we are. It can't help but create frustration and angst.

We can't do everything. Multitasking is not natural. At least not in the present form that has come into favor in this culture. Being on the run is not natural either. So much of the activity that fills the space of a day in a life isn't worthy of that precious life. But it takes a lot of courage to step back from it all when you believe you are going to miss something.

Living a life mindfully present makes you aware of more than you can ever experience while running after experience. You will still miss a lot. We can't possibly take all that is happening around us in. But it doesn't matter.

I love this observation made by Jonathan Foust.

“For every moment I miss, there are unexpected grace moments that I’m not expecting that occur as well.”

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