Thursday, July 24, 2014



"I expect to pass through this world but once. Any good thing, therefore, that I can do or any kindness I can show to any fellow human being let me do it now. Let me not defer nor neglect it, for I shall not pass this way again."

~ Stephen Grellet, 1773-1855
French-born Quaker Minister

I think of that observation often and regularly since first hearing it. And I make a concerted effort everyday to live my life in a way that always respects the reality of it, with regard to people, situations, and place. I have thought of the quote almost everyday this week in the studio due to a reoccurring conversation I have had with a few clients, a conversation spurred by the photographs on display there. I have become very aware of the fact that I cannot go out and reproduce the best of my photographs. They are moments in time...captured once. And I do know this, I have tried. None of them were shots I set out to capture. I just happened to be there, and noticed something in that moment that captured my imagination and then stopped and responded to it.

When we miss the is missed...and it passes...never to pass again in the same way.

It pays to pay attention. In nature you might glimpse, in a moment, beauty that will take your breath away in a way that will leave you forever changed...awakened. When it comes to people you might just capture and create a moment of compassion that will leave them forever changed, restored....and that too will leave you changed as well.

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