Sunday, June 29, 2014


 Until the heart is content, the mind continues to wander off searching for belonging. All of which turns out to be false belonging.

We arrive at true belonging by way of the long surrender. We finally give up the activity of wandering off from the here and now once we recognize what we already have and has been with us all along. There is nothing outside ourselves that will make us relationship, no possession, no experience.

Contentment is all inner invisible world stuff. It's a healing of the fractured experience that had defined our lives while discontented. It returns us to a seamless, tranquil, more poised way of being. And it transforms how we will from now on relate to and engage with the visible world, simply because now we are no longer needy and are no longer attempting to scrape from others, and from possessions, and from experiences something these things cannot possibly provide for us.

"The world cannot be discovered by a journey of miles, only by a spiritual journey, by which we arrive at the ground at our feet and learn to be at home." ~ Wendell Berry

For the one who is content, it's the simplest and most ordinary things that now satisfy.

To begin to experience, really encounter the extraordinariness of the most simple things, leaves you feeling wonderfully alive at all times. Your eyes have now been graced once again to recognize real beauty and and to know that you know that you are surrounded by it on all sides and infused with it wherever you go. This is something no one or no thing can ever take away from you.

Thursday, June 26, 2014


All the carefully detailed plans people make for the future, I no longer have any interest in the activity. I won't go as far as to say that the activity is foolish, I wouldn't want to offend anyone. But I will say it is a prison of our own making if we go that route. There is no respect of freedom or spontaneity involved in it. Not really. We do such damage to the wild and unpredictable beautiful dream that brought us here while we are so caught up in trying to map out the future. And if we can be honest about it, it all is just an attempt at creating a security for ourselves that does not exist. In the process, we disregard the moment and all that is happening, in ways we can't even begin to fathom. We are left taking the bounty of the gift and somehow spinning it in order to turn it into our own little self serving over indulgent adventures in missing the point.

And all the while, something better, something more inclusive, something more gracious, more generous, travels alongside us inviting us to awaken and allow the dream to reframe it all for us so that we can join in on the renewal....the retrieving of what we all have lost with regard to our humanity.

Sunday, June 22, 2014


There is nothing that represents beautiful and wild imagination more than Nature.
We are made of this same beautiful wild imagination.

...and we have allowed it to be shut down.

If our imaginations were to be set free, and I mean really set free,
we would become active participants in new creation.

But the way it too often plays out....

we are not.


Thursday, June 19, 2014


I've heard it said by many artists, "You have to be a bit disturbed and wounded to create art."

That thought came to mind a few days back when a client of mine, one who hasn't known me for long said, while looking at my prints hanging on the wall, "To produce art that has such a feeling of peace and simplicity, you must live in a very peaceful environment."

I had never before connected the photography and all that began happening around it with that statement of needing to be a bit disturbed and wounded. But in that moment it became connected.

No, I don't live in a peaceful and simple environment. It's been quite the opposite. The disturbed artist way has been at work in a few different ways. The place of inner peace and simplicity I found, and the photography that speaks of it, have all been fashioned while I have been living in the midst of great turbulence.

The turbulence is a great paradox. I'm fond of what it has created and I also long for it to be gone.

Still grateful and aware of the privilege it is to be able to do this earth walk.

Monday, June 09, 2014


Being so afraid of missing out, missing something, we extend ourselves out beyond the natural healthy rhythm into a frenetic and fractured experience. Once that experience then begins to register as normal we are then stuck in a space where we lose the essence of who we are. It can't help but create frustration and angst.

We can't do everything. Multitasking is not natural. At least not in the present form that has come into favor in this culture. Being on the run is not natural either. So much of the activity that fills the space of a day in a life isn't worthy of that precious life. But it takes a lot of courage to step back from it all when you believe you are going to miss something.

Living a life mindfully present makes you aware of more than you can ever experience while running after experience. You will still miss a lot. We can't possibly take all that is happening around us in. But it doesn't matter.

I love this observation made by Jonathan Foust.

“For every moment I miss, there are unexpected grace moments that I’m not expecting that occur as well.”

Wednesday, June 04, 2014


Maybe it's just the way it is, and the reality is, nothing is going to change it, there will be no rescue.....that some seasons are just a more intense the midst of a life that is a struggle.

Can you still find the beautiful?

Monday, June 02, 2014


One of my most important points I'm attempting to make in all I do is to say if we live from a home base of the created world instead of the interpreted makes the inescapable journey through the interpreted world so much more doable, where we will be able to do it with more grace, more compassion, more loving kindness, more patience....more quality of presence.

Sunday, June 01, 2014


It saves me everyday....and inspires and keeps hope alive.

And leaves me needing very little.

I hope for many things. But whether those hopes become reality or not won't change the enjoying of this life I have found....or that found me.