Monday, November 10, 2014


What do you like better?
A garden?
Or a city?
Just remember, God made one. While Cain made the other.

Are you living more influenced by the primal creator? Or more like the first to murder and violate and trust in clever schemes to control it all?

Friday, November 07, 2014


 There is nowhere that exists where any of us can go in order to get outside it. It embraces everything. The Mystery. The Beautiful. The God. The Goddess....whatever you want to call it. These are just our names for it anyway. You might most of the time manage to live unaware of it or even deny it...but encountering it is unavoidable. You are a part of it everyday and in countless ways effected by it. And it is a part of you as well.

As I was leaving the studio this evening, the moon was about 3/4 above the horizon. It was coming up between the etched silhouettes of two trees. It was full and enormous and looked as if it was just sitting on a mountaintop gazing into the me. Yeah, we are in the cosmos doing the same kind of dance as the moon, the sun, the stars. For a moment I just stood there staring and imagining it as a secret portal I could actually walk through into the unknown.

As I made my way home it was hanging in space, out to my side, as if it was suspended by strings. But by this time it was no longer appearing as large. I've never checked this before but apparently if you were to hold a piece of paper up to the moon and trace it while it is on the horizon when it is looming so large, and then continue to hold the paper up to it as it travels along its path across the night sky, even when it is a distance from the horizon and looking much smaller, you would find out that its size is still exactly the same. The differing size you see is just an illusion.

Have you ever wondered about all the things you believe? Wonder how much of it is just illusion? Believe me, a lot of it is. A LOT of it. Illusion, mistaken notion, whatever you want to call it, this reality is unavoidable. Illusion is so much a part of our lives and it is basically due to this; we can't just allow the mystery to be. We are so uncomfortable with the unknown. I don't have to step though a portal to enter the mystery and the unknown somewhere out in the outer reaches of the cosmos. Almost everything about this place we live is more mystery and unknown than it is certainty and known. But geeze, that is not how most humans act. People live so afraid of it when there is really no need to be afraid of it? And accepting this reality of mystery and the unknown doesn't mean we need to stop pondering and exploring and imagining and attempting to learn. But we do so desperately need to learn a drastically different posture....a different way of approach to it all.

Once I arrived home, the moon was still looking pretty cool. With it being such a beautiful Fall evening, I stepped into the house and grabbed the camera and the tripod and told Julie I would be right back. I walked for about a block to a spot where the view to the moon was unobstructed. I got it all set up, focused on the moon, and immediately a jetliner came into view, making a trek across it. All I could do was smile and laugh.

It is not as good a photo as when it happened the first time. But it still is what it is. This is number 3 now....and there was one night I missed one.