Tuesday, January 27, 2015


Fear. It controls everything you do and will continue to....until you begin to untangle its tentacles from around your mind. The fear-filled mind is the biggest obstacle. Do you even know all the ways it is at work in you....directing your steps...your decisions.

And it is not just the typical manifestations of fear people are familiar with that control us and keep us shut down and cut of from life and freedom.

For myself, it wasn't the easily identified ones. Mine was a very popular and deeply loved activity that most would never identify as a manifestation of fear. And it might be the most dangerous and enslaving one of them all, Responsibility. Yeah, responsibility. Specifically with regard to realm of necessity stuff. Money being the biggest culprit, and the myth of financial security. This one leads to many activities of living out of sync with ourselves, others, and causes us to lose touch with the beautiful song of creation. It causes a deep amnesia to settle in over us which leads us to forget our place in it.

It was a very turbulent season when this control was exposed as being in the way of my freedom and the life of "lived out love" in the world.

Monday, January 26, 2015


I'll never forget the 3 hour span of time yesterday morning spent along the Mississippi River in this fog. In many ways, today I have seen how this is so symbolic of life. Fear here, will render you helpless and leave you lost. Certainty with regard to the maps you have grown accustomed to following will not help you here either. A different kind of knowing is necessary. A different kind of trust as well. And there are no guarantees as far as outcomes are concerned.

One's ability to accept and embrace these realities makes all the difference in the world with regard to how one travels through this one short unpredictable unrepeatable life.

Now there does exist another way to live. Many seem to accept it as being safer and wiser and easier to see what is what. And it might leave you feeling more in control as well. But it is really not safer, wiser, or more controllable. You just become convinced that it is. And if it all begins to fall apart it will leave you freaking out.

The Unknown and adventure and discovery awaits and is inviting us into something more beautiful and gracious and loving and compassionate. Something more beautifully human. Our imagination longs to be cut loose and set free. These familiar frames are too small for us. The inferior answers just won't do anymore. Everything deserves to be questioned. And our identity is not the same as our biography. We all are more interesting and more complex and more exciting than the domestication has left us believing. 

This short video from David Whyte is brilliant and helpful.