Saturday, February 07, 2015


It might just be the best way for the human to take my place once again among the chorus of created things. The best way for the fractured and caged mind to heal. The best way to assist the soul in coming back on line to where it begins to inform me instead of all the ridiculous voices around me, of which there is no shortage.

For myself, I already know those are true observations. And I believe truer ones are still to come. And I know, no shift or pursuit in my life has ever helped me more to come back into this reality.....I was meant to be free in this journey through this life....and the familiar maps that were handed to me in the first part of my life, by some well intentioned and some not so well intentioned people and systems of the interpreted world, may have assisted me in some way.....but they could not get me to where I am today. To get here, I had to make the decision to leave them behind.



Sue said...

Ahh, taking your place among the many created things. It's very cool how it makes you shapeshift. Like, when people say they feel awfully insignificant when staring at the stars. But then you don't need to stop there. The feeling small part is necessarily disorienting, but it doesn't really matter all that much in the light of reorienting into the great everything :-)

I miss you on Facebook. But I don't miss Facebook.

Kent said...

All of this really has completely changed my life and experience.

I miss keeping in touch with you as well. I just accept fb for what it is. And that it is where most people I know on line are hanging out.

I just keep whose posts I am following on fb to a minimum.