Wednesday, November 18, 2015


 I don't just love Japanese Gardens for their esthetics. There has been something more at work here in me over the past is much deeper than just liking a style of garden is more connected to being a better human....a way of understanding better...a pathway to compassion...and more.

These things have always been important throughout human history. And sadly too often ignored. In our time it is no remains so important and too often ignored.

Naomi Shihab Nye touches on it here.

 BILL MOYERS: You write in here about what it means to be half and half, where love means you breath in two countries. Help me to understand that.

 NAOMI SHIHAB NYE: Well I think whenever you love something or somebody it means that you have to extend yourself, you have to grow-- get a little larger. You can't stay in your little comfortable-- spot. So you have-- it's a challenge it's a risk, and-- whether it's loving another culture far away that suddenly has been represented by an act of violence-- or whether it's loving another person-- and that always involves you know all kinds of growing-- we're challenged. And so every time you care about something or somebody that relates to a different place in the world, then you're empathy grows. And for example, for all Americans who have friends from Iraq, I'm sure that things that have been going on-- they're thinking about it not only in political terms, but in human terms. You know what will that mean for their friend's families, or what will that mean for all the children of Iraq? You know during the Gulf War I remember two little third grade girls saying to me-- after I read them some poems by writers in Iraq-- "You know we never thought about there being children in Iraq before." And I thought, "Well those poems did their job, because now they'll think about everything a little bit differently." They'll feel closer to that place in a different way

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