Saturday, May 02, 2015


It is just wise to learn to hold things loosely. Everything is passing. In an instant, everything you have become familiar with and attached to can change or be taken away from you. Even the plans you make for any moment beyond this one are tenuous. We have been so conditioned to believe that it is wise to map out the future even though everything beyond this moment is just an imagined uncertain future. What if that accepted conventional wisdom is just completely wrong? I mean seriously. What if that is a completely unwise-backwards-enemy-of-freedom approach to this one short unrepeatable unpredictable life? And please spare me all the arguments as to why what I am suggesting is unwise. Believe me......I already know those arguments.

What if there really is a radically different wiser way of being in this world? A way where we leave behind all the justifications and excuses that keep us hanging onto a way that really is just below us....below love. I for one really believe there is. Call me crazy. I'm okay with that.